Michelle and Sergey Present
Studio 22 Halloween Party 2011

Maya & Cody Teach "The Monster Mash"

Natalja & Arkadiy in Costume

Nancy, Luis & Michelle

The Everpresent Nancy & Luis

At first I didn't recognize Michelle

This lady wanted to make sure I captured the baby's evil eyes

Maya, Cody & Sung

The Salsa Team

Natalja and Arkadiy
Pretending to be Michelle and Sergey

Michelle & Sergey
Pretending to be Maya & Cody

Maya & Cody
Pretending to be Natalja & Arkadiy

All the teachers with a final little dance

Natalja doing a pretty accurate Michelle
Pretty sure that Michelle's actual dress

The Costume Contests





The Teachers

The Obligatory YMCA